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BradxSchuldig fans unite!

sexy bishies make sexy pairings XD

Brad x Schuldig yaoi community
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Welcome to a Schwarz community dedicated to Brad Crawford and Schuldig and the Brad x Schuldig / Schuldig x Brad YAOI pairing. The community is for discussion on the characters/pairing and for posting fanart and fanfiction in relation to that.

Just a few rules: (it'd be nice if you read these before joining)

- NO HET! This is a YAOI community. Mention of such things in fanfiction are acceptable *cringes* as long as it's not the main focus of the fic.

- Schwarz stuff is fine, but try to keep it limited to Brad, Schuldig, BxS/SxB. This is a community for them after all, and there's other Schwarz communities out there that you can chat up about Nagi and Farf and pairings such as BradxNagi or SchuxFarf at.

- When first joining the community, at least say hi, before going into lurkdom. It's polite, and I'm sure other BxS fans would love to pounce meet you. ^^

- Also when first joining the community, try to skim through the older entries if you have a question. Sometimes the subject's already been discussed.

- Feel free to pimp out websites and such that are in some way related to Schwarz, especially Brad and Schuldig.

- Do not post quiz results or memes. That's what your personal journal is for. If it's a quiz that you created and want to share, leave us a link. (only once please)

- This is an NC-17 community. Pictures, fanfiction and comments will be posted that aren't suitable for minors, so if any of this offends you, don't join.

- Please put all fics and large pictures behind cut tags.

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This community was created by pyroh
Rules snatched and tweaked from tenipuri_yaoi