lauand (lauand) wrote in bradxschuldig,

Drabble - Five Reasons why Crawford hasn't killed Schuldig (yet) #1

      Title: Five reasons - 1
      Author: Lauand
      Beta: Bookofnicodemus
      Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: Why Crawford hasn't killed Schuldig. Yet.
      A/N: Written for aki_jade and her prompt "Five Reasons Why Crawford Hasn't Killed Schuldig". Thanks to Books for the beta-ing and the general awesomeness.


      Crawford, the bastard, always kept his gun with the safety off. It didn't make a sound, then, when it was softly and without hesitation pointed at Schuldig's head.

      "Give me one reason," the Oracle said with a strange edge in his normally cool voice, "just one, not to shoot your brains out this very instant."

      Schuldig swallowed. Maybe he had really fucked up this time.

      "Er... so that I can suck you off in the near future?"

      Crawford's eyes narrowed dangerously at that. It was always a mistake to try and appeal to Crawford's sense of humour when he was pissed. But that was Schuldig for you. He just never learned.

      Crawford's stony glare changed slightly, becoming unfocused. Not for the first time, Schuldig thanked whoever was responsible for giving the Oracle such ferocious control over his power - the fact that Crawford could dominate his visions without them making him tremble or convulse, as was the case with most precogs.

      "Weiß." The American informed when the episode ended.

      With barely a nod of his head, Crawford indicated to him the side from which Schuldig was supposed to attack, whereas he took the contrary side and relaxed his grip on the gun.

      Idly scanning the minds in the vicinity, Schuldig wondered if it was the imminent attack, or the promise of a blowjob that had really saved his ass this time.



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