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New Community

Just in case anybody is interested, here's an announcement of a new comm dedicated to create and post fanworks inspired by the series "Saiyuki" or "Weiß Kreuz", but placed in a different setting, an alternative universe.

Every month, a challenge will be posted announcing the AU flavour of the current edition. That will be announced in a post and the title of the journal. During that month, people will post any creative work that puts any character/s of Saiyuki or Weiß Kreuz in that particular setting. Any form of fanwork is accepted and encouraged (writing, drawing, photoshopping, composing... whatever you feel inspired to do), as well as any pairing, rating, length... (although I think that shota goes against LJ ToS, so I'm afraid that wouldn't be permitted). Collaboration between members would be great, too.

The initial idea was to choose either Saiyuki or Weiß Kreuz for your post, but crossovers are more than welcome, too.

I think this comm might be relevant to the interest of bradxschuldig's members because many members of the saiyuki_wk_au LJ comm are Schwarz junkies and ship Crawford/Schuldig (at least I do).

Here's the link:


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